Team assessment

Everything begins with an initial analysis of your team. We will go over each player and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Our models can recognize the play style of the team’s coach and help him with player selection. We can identify whether he prefers breaks in the midfield or pushing along the sides for example. Based on these parameters we are able to recommend footballers that fit well specifically into your team. We can also give advice on what skills should players have and what should be the ideal age composition of your team.


After the initial analysis of the team, it’s time to look at the market. We update our database of 256 000 football players from all around the world on a daily basis. For example, based on your preferences, we can find the best tall strikers there are within a given budget, and give you a detailed report on each, describing their abilities, weaknesses, and their overall progress. We also add analysis of their character and conduct outside of the field. Our scouts review videos of their matches and the final summary is based also on their notes. While this process is running, we start contacting the selected players to find out their club and financial needs.

“Yes / No” consultations

Every year, there are bad transfers in every transfer window and they can be prevented by consulting with an analyst. For example, Spaniard Roberto Soldado would have never transferred to Tottenham because he is unable to create his own goal opportunities. Attacking midfield Andros Townsend might not be a part of Crystal Palace today, if the club’s management knew how often he chooses bad position to strike. Do you have a selected player but you’re still unsure if he’s the right fit for your team? Contact us.


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