Full Report collects data on 256 000 football players and their every contact with the ball. We run this data a platform that uses our own mathematical models. These give us several dozens of parameters that describe the qualities and play style of each individual footballer. We can compare selected players to each another, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and observe their progress throughout their careers.

A new way of evaluating defense

The advantages of data analysis are most visible when evaluating defensive players, normally a very hard task to do objectively. We are able to monitor dozens of parameters, including defending space, which allows us to estimate the quality and potential a given player has.

Defending space is one of the most important abilities for defense.  Our model observes the area a selected player moves around in most often and judges his ability to successfully defend it.  The model focuses on the players’ part of the field and monitors if the opposing team goes through it towards the goal, how many times is the player able to win the ball, and how often is the opponent forced to turn around. Defenders that are able to cover the largest area with the least throughput are given the highest score.

We can control for biases

Of course, the overall quality and the play style of a team are taken into account as well. A team with a deep defensive line will have a harder time defending than one that creates high pressure. Similarly, stopper from a great club will get much more support from teammates than one whose defense is full of holes. Our model is able to adjust for all of these parameters and we can get an accurate idea about the true skill of the selected player.


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