Modern football is evolving quickly. For a sports club to be successful, it needs to constantly adapt to new trends. That’s why using data analysis and detailed statistics is gaining in popularity. Our scouting company Full Report responds to this rising demand for statistics in football by offering detailed analyses of individual players and whole teams. We help clubs make accurate decisions based on hard numbers.

Major teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, RB Leipzig, or the Germany national football team all have their own sizeable in-house analytics divisions. Statistics and the use of data are not exclusive to sports organizations, the general public comes into contact with them as well. Most football broadcasts offer statistics like the distance ran by individual players, the number balls won, or the success rate of passes.

Large analytical divisions can be too expensive for smaller teams with limited budgets. That’s where Full Report can help by providing complete analytical services tailored to the specific financial needs of any club or agent. We are able to find players that best suit your team based on skill and play style.

Full Report’s current team is comprised of eight people including mathematicians, analysts, and scouts from various parts of Europe. We are working hard every day to optimize the mathematical models we developed to continue improving our services.

The original idea for Full Report came from Jiří Šímáň and Jaroslav Tvrdík when they joined SK Slavia Prague. Jakub Dobiáš, trader and a fan of the club, wanted to offer his services too so he teamed up with an analyst Thomas Lawrence and created a pilot project which they presented to the former trainer Dušan Uhrin in April 2016. He like the liked the idea and when the team’s management approved this cooperation, the development of an analytics and scouting software started. The basic mathematical structure was set up during the first two months and it was immediately used to discover new talented players.

Two months after the launch on 31.5.2016, Slavia used the software along with a team of scouts to bring in a defensive midfielder, Cameroonian Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui from the Romanian Botosani for a half million Euros. He soon became a vital part of the outfit. The Cameroon national football team noticed his great results in Slavia and in the second half of 2016, he was able to represent his country for the first time. He was a part of the Cameroon national team that won the gold medal at the Africa Cup of Nations 2017. He was selected among the best 11 players of the tournament.


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